Everything we do at FreshLime is driven by our desire to help small businesses connect closely with their customers. In our perfect world, business owners won’t miss a single opportunity to do business with someone searching for their solution. 

Over the last several years, the biggest hurdle to providing that customer connection wasn’t that we didn’t have the right product fit or that we didn’t have a powerful solution to help connect with customers. It was accessing the right data to intelligently connect with these customers at the right time and with the right message.  

Previously, a new integration with FreshLime required our internal development team, and could take some time due to our internal integration backlog.  This meant potentially waiting weeks or even months in some cases — if you had a less known CRM/POS system—probably manually exporting reports and uploading data to the FreshLime system. 

With our new RESTful API, pushing data into the FreshLime Customer Connection Platform is now available to anyone—yes, right now you’ll need some technical chops to do it but anyone who knows how to use REST APIs can now send real-time data directly into FreshLime’s powerful customer connection technology.  

We know not everyone will be able to write the code to connect directly to our API.  That’s why are working on connecting our API to Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) providers like Zapier, Mulesoft, & Cloud Elements and syncing data from cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, & Microsoft OneDrive.

The level of connection—through personalized 1:1 customer engagement—that the FreshLime Customer Connection platform provides to small business owners is unique to the marketplace. Now it’s very exciting to easily integrate our technology into an existing CRM or POS platform without waiting months for custom integrations to be built. Helping every small business achieve better customer connection with our technology is easier & more streamlined than it’s ever been. 

Our official press release is HERE.

Questions? We will be holding a live webinar and answering all your questions on Tuesday, Jan 28th at 11am MST. You can register and ask your questions in advance HERE.


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