Implementing a live chat feature on your company’s website increases the customer experience and makes people more likely to convert. In fact, having a live chat on your website can increase conversions by up to 20%. Why? Because consumers don’t only have questions and concerns when it’s convenient for a business to answer their phone and help out. In today’s world, people are used to immediate responses and customer service. 


It’s not realistic for most businesses to have customer care representatives online 24 hours a day, and that’s why live chat is a win-win for the customer and the business. Live chat improves your customer service game by providing around the clock, immediate help for your customers. Questions can be answered immediately, and any concerns can be addressed right away.


Recent studies suggest that having a live chat feature on your website has a 300% ROI. But how? 


Provides Your Customers with Quick & Convenient Solutions

Live chat makes your customers’ lives easier because they get immediate solutions. Many people don’t have the time to call during business hours to ask a question or state a concern. It’s not uncommon for website visitors to decide against filling out a contact form because they don’t want their information saved/shared. Live chat alleviates those worries and makes it so customers can quickly gain answers to frequently asked questions. FreshLime’s Messenger product provides a full transcript to the business following any and every web chat conversation, so a business can easily reach out to any customers who have needs that weren’t able to be met through a live chat conversation. 


Opens up Upselling Opportunities

Businesses can effortlessly set up a chat bot to respond to questions however they want. Having a chat bot on your website can be almost as good as having a real conversation if you create a seamless, flowing conversation for your bots to have through the web chat. For example, once a customer asks about a service you provide and receives their answer, your chatbot can motivate the customer to make an appointment right away. If you’re currently running any specials or offers for new/existing customers, be sure to work that into your chatbot conversations so customers are more likely to convert and choose your business over the competition. 


Easily Gains Leads 24/7

Live chat on your website gains leads for your business while you sleep, while you work and everything in between. Customers can ask questions, request quotes, provide feedback or report an issue and get an immediate answer. This is impressive to customers as it makes their lives easier. Your chatbot can walk through conversations with customers that will lead them to leaving their contact information so you (or your sales team) can contact them right away for a more extensive conversation. What more could a business owner ask for? Gaining leads all day long, without having to put forth any effort used to be an unattainable dream. Now, it’s easier and more common than many business owners realize. 

So, to answer the question: Will a live chat feature on your website increase your revenue? YES. In today’s world, businesses should have a live chat feature on their website in order to keep up and make their customers (and potential customers) as happy as possible. 

For more insights on marketing strategy that actually works for small business, connect with Jay Bean, Founder of FreshLime and Small Business Marketing Expert on LinkedIn and Twitter. If any of these tips have helped you or if you have anything to add, please comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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