Don’t Worry Be Happy:
Happiness is contagious. Think of that annoying person that is always nice to everyone, and is constantly smiling. Got them in your head? Well, pretty sure the more you are around them, the happier you are. Weird concept right? Once they were annoying, and now all of a sudden, YOURE that person! You’re welcome.

Not only is happiness contagious, it also promotes success. Crazy, right? Work happiness translates to more productive, successful employees. Employees have better health, increased productivity and energy, and are better at work relationships. Bet you didn’t know that! So how can we have a happier workplace? When the employees are happy, the company is too (okay, that is cheesy, I know, but work with me here).

A company culture is important to have today. You want people to work for you, right? Now, I don’t mean having a slide in your office, and having work parties everyday will instantly make everything perfect (but, I mean, if you do, can I visit one day?) So let’s talk about how we can make our workplace a place we actually want to be.

Remember in school when that one teacher would check to make sure you were doing your work every five seconds? On the flip side, I had one teacher that assigned homework every class period, but never checked it. How easy was it to just not do it? Too easy. BUT if I didn’t do it, I would be hurting myself. The same is in the workplace. Employees tend to be happier when they are in charge of their own work. Now, this does not mean disregard what your boss tells you to do. It means, do everything you need to, but it also means that you have the independence to manage your work (still with regards to deadlines and priorities of course).

I’m not talking about Justin Bieber’s album (but everyone should listen to it). People tend to leave a job because they are feeling under-appreciated. We must make our employee feel as though they actually contribute.  Not only with they continue to be successful, but if they feel they are helping others, they will in turn help the company. The result? Work happiness.


Staying in the same place does not help anybody. Most people enjoy learning new things, progressing, and improving themselves. Doing so helps us gain more confidence and promote increased happiness in the workplace. So have trainings, workshops, how to guides, etc. Make sure not only you are improving, but you are helping your employees around you improve. As we all progress together, we make for a better company and an even better team.

If anything, happiness is important to your health. Think about it this way, a big chunk of your day is spent at work. The average American works 1,788 hours per year. YIKES. Wouldn’t you want your time at work to make you happier and more successful? I would. Let happiness override stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Promote this work culture, tailor it to your own company, and make it count.

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